School Chair’s Blog Jan/Feb 2016

Dear Friends of Temple Shalom,

I simply could not be more proud of the staff, students, volunteers and families of Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning.  I am so thankful for the support of the staff and volunteers of Temple Shalom Synagogue this month, as every month!  

I would like to thank the Board of Temple Shalom for extending for another year a “free membership in Temple Shalom” for new families who register their children in Irma Penn Religious School.  Please do share this news with family and friends with children who would benefit from our rich, rewarding program.

Our Sunday School, Judaic Studies, is filled with enthusiastic young people.  I’ve been told that the school is experiencing near 100% attendance, even with inclement weather and out-of-towners.  That speaks volumes about how much the children and their families value the experience.  Thank you Jennifer Lane and Maeve Boardman for your work with these young people!

Every parent that I ask about our Wednesday Hebrew Program has positive feedback. (Paraphrased) “My daughter can read Hebrew after two classes after years of limited success.”  “My children are enthusiastic to go — which says a lot after a full day of school.  Thank you Eileen Curtis and Gaby Saitman for all of your work with these young people!

Lastly, Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning and Temple Shalom threw a wonderful Chanukkah party that was very well attended. Festivities included the children singing, led by Cantor Len Udow and Jennifer Lane; storytelling by Rabbi Karen Soria; dreidel making with Mandy Yakubovich; latke making with Ruth Livingston, as well as candle making, good conversation, and food.  Thank you to Jennifer Lane and Eileen Curtis for all you did to organize this day. And we also couldn’t have done it without the cheerful help of our volunteers. It was the perfect way to celebrate Chanukkah with our community and new friends.

Thank you for all that you do.

Be well,

Marc Schaeffer

Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning Co-Chair