School Chair’s Blog May/June 2017

Irma Penn School of Jewish learning has had a wonderful month! Instead of our traditional Pre-Passover Seder, Eileen Curtis designed & executed an innovative and exciting “Walk through the Haggadah”. Our young people went from station to station engaging in activities to teach them about Passover through all of their senses. They baked matzah from scratch, built the pyramids with boxes and experienced the frustration of Pharaoh Gaby tearing them down. Morah Eileen & Morah Sophia along with Maeve and volunteer parents helped to make this a wonderful experience for all of our learners! A big thank you to Eileen Curtis for conceiving such a unique and innovative program!

PJ Shabbat service was very well attended on April 21, as we had 19 children and 20 adults in attendance! Our teachers prepared our learners with the story “The Mountain Jews and the Mirror” by Ruchama King Feuerman. Children read the story aloud in turns while our learners acted it out for attendees. Cantor Udow and Rabbi Tepper helped to make this a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat. Certainly there will be a THIRD ANNUAL PJ Shabbat service next year! Special thanks to Florencia Katz for helping to organize and publicize this event!

We are preparing to take registrations for 2017-2018. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns any time!
Be well,

Marc Schaeffer
Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning