School Chair’s Blog Nov/Dec 2017

Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning will be putting on a brief & entertaining Chanukah skit before we kick off our potluck celebration!
The Temple Youth Group (formerly known as Post B’nai Mitzvah Group) is excited to be sending three youth to the Fall Kallah of NFTY Northern.
In case you did not know, our Sunday School Kita Alef teacher, Morah Sofia is very and joyously pregnant! She will be starting her maternity leave in January (if all things go according to plan). Mazel Tov to Morah Sofia Gotfrid and her family!
Wednesday Hebrew Class has had a robust start! Please know it is never too late to register your children or grandchildren. (We are happy to pro-rate fees!)
I am pleased to note that Gaby will be the educational assistant (EA) on Wednesday until January when his sister, Adi, will be taking over that role. Maeve continues to be our devoted EA on Sunday.
As always a big thank you to our teachers, EAs, families, students, Rabbi Tepper and Cantor Len as well as our board members for their tireless work! Thank you for all that you do!

Marc Schaeffer