Rabbi’s Message July August 2018

A Summer Bucket List  –  Rabbi Bill Tepper

Now that summer is here, many persons have – either in their minds, by way of cell phone ‘note’ apps or, for the throwbacks among us, written down on paper – a bucket list of goals to check off prior to the arrival of September.   What follows is, as I see it, a list of aspirations we might strive to fulfill during the time of year  most-associated with reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Read a few good books.  Try to strike a balance between fiction and non-fiction; and include at least one or more that is of Jewish subject matter.
  • Go OUT and see a movie. Don’t settle for pay-TV when being outdoors is such a pleasure.  Enjoy the wide screen, popcorn and excitement of a darkened theatre – all of which are hard to replicate at home!  And, like the books you’ll read, aim for a balance between comedy and drama, Hollywood features and the more independent, thought-provoking ‘smaller’ films.
  • Take in the Winnipeg culture:  visit the museums and galleries, attend a music festival or see a play.   All of these enrich the life of our city.  And all enrich our souls.
  • Travel out of the city.  Visit the lake, if only for a day.  Head west to Saskatchewan, east to Ontario, north to the more-remote but no less picturesque regions of Manitoba or south to North Dakota.  As Winnipegers, you’ll agree that July and August are perhaps the most-amenable of months – weather-wise – for a driving trip.
  • Attend – as often as you are able – the Friday Kabbalat/Erev Shabbat services at Temple Shalom.  And owing to the earlier summer hour that they are held, make dinner plans afterward with your fellow-congregants.   It’s a great way to stay connected to the Temple, your Judaism and one another.
  • Devote thought as to how you can be more involved in congregational life during the coming year.   Consider the skills, gifts and resources that are yours to share.  There are always projects that welcome your participation. Reflect upon how – together – we can assure Temple Shalom’s ongoing growth, development and esteemed role in the larger Winnipeg community.
  • SERIOUSLY think about joining the Temple Shalom trip to Israel planned for April of 2019.   A number of Temple members are already committed to this exciting opportunity and there are openings for more.  Whether it is your first trip or fortieth, traveling to Israel is a life-changing experience.  Please be in touch with Ruth Livingston or me [Rabbi Tepper] for details.
  • Think about Judaism’s concern with social justice, and where you fit in. What are the issues that we must be responding to?  How can we as a Jewish community make a difference in the lives of others?
  • And stay in touch with me.  I pledge to do the same.

Summer goes by quickly.  Let’s try to make the most of it.

My best wishes to everyone, for health, peace and rewarding times in the company of those you care for, and who care for you.  And see you in September at the Temple.