President’s Message  March/April 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am contemplating having my rooftop snow removed by experts. The pile of snow is starting to be worrisome, and when I had it done once before by someone just knocking on doors in the neighbourhood, I was left with a mess of snow on the sidewalks and a broken shrub.

It’s not an unusual situation – when can we do something ourselves, or have a random person do it, and when should we call on the experts? And when the experts are having problems solving the problem, what’s next?

In that vein, it’s been quite a year for those of us at the Temple who run things on a daily basis. Ruthie, Steve, Phil and I as well as the teachers, students and parents of the Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning; Rabbi Tepper, Cantor Len & Janet Pelletier-Goetze; all have been gracious about being displaced from their spaces for some lengths of time. Of course our various renters, including Ruth Livingston who couldn’t use her space for almost a year, have also been very patient. The HVAC system is up and running, but with glitches that are not quite solved yet. And so we are back and forth with contractors and advisors, working it out as we go. Other parts of the project are either underway or will be in the spring. Thank you all for your support.

I hope you can come to some of the events featured in this Bulletin. We are pleased to let you know that we have hired Neta Aviv as our Engagement Coordinator, and there are many plans afoot!

Best wishes for an early Spring!

Linda Freed