President’s Message July/Aug 2019


One of the tasks the Board of Trustees has set itself for the coming year is once again to examine how we structure our fee schedule to make it fair as well as  to make the financial status and well being of our temple feasible. We are a small congregation and would love to be able to provide more services and activities to our community but that is always dependent on our financial stability.

The coming year at the temple,  leadership will be shared by 3 of us as co-presidents: Judith Huebner, Miral Gabor and I who are all past presidents… in Judith’s case, perhaps past perfect… we each have strengths and of course weaknesses. Among us, we should be able to cover most  areas required by the temple and its membership.

We have many years of experience working on the Board and on various committees  together and have built a foundation of respect and collaboration for and with each other. We are also all teachers with experience in leadership and delegation.  Teamwork allows us to do much more than we could do individually and we are excited to be in the position of taking part along with our new rabbi in some new directions for the temple.

At this time we are taking turns with regular tasks such as writing these articles, chairing meetings and making announcements at services. We will be meeting regularly and have designated some of the tasks a president must do – it seems impossible looking at the lists to imagine one person could do it all. Judith will have responsibility for Religious practices, our pulpit personnel and life cycle events. Miral will be the liaison to the office and custodial staff, have the responsibility of developing updated agreements for the staff, Board issues and marketing and advertizing. She will also do some of the follow-up to the Capital Campaign. I will liaise with the office re: rentals and building maintenance, funerals and membership issues including fees. I will continue on the ARZA Board. Linda, our past president, will follow up on some of the continuing problems connected with the temple renovation and will work with our Outreach staff.

We would love to have more members  join us in committee work and Board projects and hopefully, some new leaders for our congregation will soon emerge. There are one-off opportunities for volunteers to take on such as  greeting people before services. We can always use people to be in touch with and visit those who are homebound or in hospital. We would also like to increase our Tikkun Olam. If there are charitable areas you would like to suggest and discuss with us, please do let us know. Please do fill out the survey, which Judith will have sent out, to identify your interests in participating in the High Holyday honours.

I wish you all a relaxing and rejuvenating summer. Here’s hoping the lovely weather continues until Rosh HaShanah!