School Chair’s Blog Jan/Feb 2020

Sunday December 15, Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning held an awesome Chanukah party! The activities were fun and engaging. Morah Jennifer made the delectable potato latke batter and cookie dough as well as a treasure trove of homemade sufganiyot! Barely anything leftover of anything! Decorations were awesome making the room look festive and bright. Neta, Temple Shalom’s engagement coordinator, along with our teachers including Morah Eileen and Svetlana sourced decorations and materials for the event. Activities included henna tattoos, cookie decorating, dreidel/chanukiah hat making, dreidel games, Hanukah bingo and of course singing and eating! (Lots of eating!) Special thanks to Maeve Boardman, our educational assistant who helped on the day, to Catherine & Carrie who flipped endless latkes and Anita Moeller who helped in many ways!

The morning ended with a lovely Chanukah story dramatically read by Morah Eileen! This kind of event didn’t just happen. We know that our staff of amazing teachers and Neta put considerable thought and work into making that morning what it was — awesome! Thank you for your ongoing incredible work to bring Judaism to LIFE for our Irma Penn School community!

We were so thankful to see the event well attended and so much fun! We all left with full bellies and warm hearts on a cold day. What a great way it was to kickstart the Chanukah season!