Rabbi’s Message Mar/Apr 2020

I’m still marching through my first yearly cycle as Rabbi at Temple Shalom. Much of the year is laid out the previous summer, and clearly, we all figured that the days would be getting longer and warmer, our brains would be defrosting and that it would be time for some serious learning!

That seems to be my dominant thread in our March-April Bulletin, so I encourage all of you to dive in with me over the next two months. We hit the ground running on February 29/March 1 with Limmud Winnipeg at the Asper JCC, with a huge collection of Winnipeg, Canadian and international speakers and topics on just about anything Jewish. I’m just one of many speakers, and I’ve already circled the sessions that I plan to catch. A week later, I will wrap up our very successful Sunday Brunch & Learn series at Temple Shalom, this time on the Current Issues in Reform Judaism.

And of course, with Purim and Pesach/Yom Ha’shoah coming up, the next two installments of Rabbi Allan’s Café are in the works! The first will offer “The Great Debate: Who is the Real Hero of Purim?” featuring the sharp wits of four Temple Shalom congregants advocating for their personal heroes, in the style of CBC Radio’s “Canada Reads” debates.

Then, I am thrilled that we will again be offering the URJ’s (Union for Reform Judaism) free Taste of Judaism course over three consecutive Wednesday evenings, that we last offered 25 years ago! As you will note from the Bulletin, this is designed for “beginners” from any religious background, and no previous knowledge of Judaism is required. Please spread the word to friends or family members who might have an interest. I should say that I have found the materials are set up in quite an interesting way, even for someone who grew up Jewish, so you are all encouraged to show up as well!

May we all enjoy the changes of season that are upon us, the arrival of spring, and the promises of spiritual and educational growth that come with it.

Rabbi Allan