President’s Message Jan/Feb 2021

As this awful year draws to a close, a couple of themes are on my mind. I think of all that I am grateful for… so far, no-one in my immediate circle nor as far as I know, my extended family on this continent and in Israel have died, either from Covid-19 or from military action. My partner Bob and I are in reasonable health and in spite of aches and pains, [we are 76!] are enjoying our lives and our home. I am grateful for the camaraderie of the team of folks who gather Friday evenings to make sure our Erev Shabbat services go out to you each week… Judith, Linda, Len, Janet, David , Rabbi Allan and the lay leaders.  Their dedication, inspiration and mutual support has made for a wonderful experience for us all.

I have been so touched by all the positive comments about Judith’s and my attempts to keep connected to the congregation… the daily music during Elul, Rosh Hashanah and Chanuka and the gifts at Chanuka as well as the Havdallah kits back in the spring and I am so grateful to the delivery ‘elves’ who helped me get the gifts to you… Sara Raymond and Board members Myriam, Brent, Caithlin, Rosalie, David and Judith.

I am also grateful to the members who with their families submitted videos for making Havdallah throughout the summer; for our ability to host the ZOOM meetings which have necessarily replaced in-person adult Eds; Movie nights; the Rabbi’s Cafe and Brunch & Learn sessions.  Covid isolation has spurred the creation of Sunday ZOOM programs for young children facilitated by Neta.

I thank those of you who have continued your Temple memberships .

I am so  grateful to our staff – Cynthia, Phil and Steve who continue respectfully to organize their schedules to protect one another as well as keeping the place safe and running. I appreciate the volunteers who called folks to check in and make sure their needs were being met and to the Board of Trustees who continue to work toward the survival and the future of the temple.

As I approach the New Year, I am hopeful that with the new vaccines being made available, that there is an end in sight to the spread of Covid-19. I hope to be able to visit again with my kids, grand-kids and great-niece and -nephew in person… I miss hugs!

Judith and I continue to look for ways to engage our members and hopefully to attract new folks to our congregation. We would like to be more involved with Tikkun Olam and Chesed activities as well as participate in anti-racist strategies. I invite you to let us know if you are interested in developing these with us and/or perhaps in joining us to make them happen.

I have hope and I am truly filled with contentment. My wishes go out to you all for a safe, healthy and happy New Year. May 2021 be a good year for us all!

Here are a couple of songs of hope that I want to share with you, one old and one new, to copy & paste into your browser:

In gratitude and hope,

Co-President      Ruth