Temple Shalom’s Capital Campaign




We are asking for your generous support

Temple Shalom is looking to the future. To continue to serve the community and the congregation, we need your help. 

Your support will allow us to adapt, excel, and meet the ever-changing needs of our community for today and the long term. Invest in our shul and in Jewish diversity.



We call our campaign Reaching Out, Reaching Up because we believe that our work in the Jewish community is on a new path forward. 

Please invest in Jewish diversity. Please help us make sure that liberal Judaism continues to thrive so that every Jew in Winnipeg can find a place to pray, learn, engage, and celebrate Jewish life. 

Thank you for your support.

Temple Shalom in Winnipeg

Temple Shalom is the voice of liberal Judaism in Winnipeg. Since the mid-1960s, Temple Shalom has been our city’s only Reform congregation. It stands today as a pillar of innovation, tradition, diversity, and faith. We started as a group of families looking for a meaningful expression of Jewish identity and practice. Today, we have over 110 member families and welcome hundreds of non-members to our services and programs every year. 

Temple Shalom Is Evolving

And so is the Jewish community of Winnipeg. Together, we play a vital role in our long-term stability and our collective well-being.

An inclusive congregation is key to the success of our shul and to our city. With new immigration, growing numbers of Jews choosing non-Jewish spouses, and a Jewish population spread across the city, our shul is — for many people — their most important formal connection to Jewish Winnipeg.

Temple Shalom is steeped in the inspiring 200 year old tradition of Reform Judaism. Our regular services welcome Shabbat and High Holidays with music, joy, passion, and a rich sense of togetherness. Temple Shalom is a welcoming home for Jews by birth, Jews by choice, Jews with non-Jewish partners, and Jewish members of the entire LGBTQ* community. 

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Where We Are Heading

In order to serve our evolving community, we are seeking to raise $1 million by December 2018.

These funds will help ensure the future of the congregation for the next generation and for many generations to come. The funds we raise will be allocated in three different and important ways:

  • facility improvements (essential infrastructure, as well as aesthetic, investments);
  • program and planning enhancements; and,
  • an endowment to support future needs. 

My son cried while saying kaddish at a community memorial program.

Temple Shalom has given him a Jewish soul. ~Myriam Saitman, member

Reach Out to Us

Help us stay a vital part of Jewish Winnipeg. To learn more about how you can help our campaign and donate, please call us at 204-453-1625 or email us at tshalom1@gmail.com. One of our Reaching Out, Reaching Up volunteers will connect with you.




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