Temple Shalom Chevra Kadisha


I am pleased to report that the Temple Shalom Synagogue Chesed Committee has moved forward to establish our very own Chevra Kadisha.


A Chevra Kadisha is a holy group that works in the area of preparation of the body for burial. They undertake tasks such as Tahara (ritual washing) and Shomrim (sitting with the casket before burial).


To date we have seven to eight synagogue members who have volunteered to assist in performing Tahara. Recently, policies and procedures for Tahara were developed in consultation with the Rabbi, the Chesed Committee Chair and the synagogue board.


Over the summer we met as a group at Chapel Lawn to iron out final steps. Several training sessions have been held in the last few months for new Chevra members at the Chesed Shel Emes on Main Street. Ritual preparation before burial in our cemetery Beit Chaim Mikdash Shalom is quickly becoming a reality.


We continue to seek synagogue members to be part of our Chevra Kadisha. We are looking for individuals to do Shomrim as well as Tahara.


Please contact Teresa if you are interested in joining this special group. Training will be provided. Respectfully submitted by Jonathan Fine, Chair of Temple Shalom Chevra Kadisha.


“Beit Chaim ….. Mikdash Shalom”

“Alternative & Traditional Jewish Burial in our segregated area of the Chapel Lawn Cemetery”




-Beit Chaim Mikdash Shalom (the Cemetery is established for member of the Congregation, their family, and the Jewish community. This policy governs the use of the Cemetery and is based on principles of compassion and respect. Temple Shalom endeavors to be sensitive to the needs of all members of the Jewish community and to accommodate the needs of Jews by birth, Jews by choice and interfaith families in accordance with the accepted practices of Reform Judaism.


-Cemetery: a section set aside for Temple Shalom at Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens, 4000 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba


-Member:A member in good standing for the purposed of these regulations is defined as a member who is current in all financial matters pertaining to Temple Shalom, Winnipeg.


-Relative: The term relative means those persons who are not members of Temple Shalom but for whom a member has the Jewish obligation to mourn (mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter and spouse/domestic partner


-Non-member: Individuals in the Jewish community who are not members of Temple Shalom as defined in par. 3, nor relatives as defined in par. 4.


-Burial Privilege:A burial privilege results from purchase of a cemetery plot reserved to Temple Shalom at Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is the right to have a casket or cremains buried in said plot after meeting certain conditions set out in this policy determined by the Board of Trustees of Temple Shalom (hereinafter “Board of Trustees”) and subject to the terms of the Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery Purchase Agreement


Memorial Tablet: Every grave shall be identified with a monument or marker. All monuments or markers must conform to the requirements of Chapel Lawn Memorial Garden as specified in the Chapel Lawn Cemetery Purchase Agreement. All monuments or markers must be constructed of natural stone or bronze and shall be simple and dignified. No monuments or markers with colors other than those of natural stone shall be permitted.


-No symbolism used on the monument or marker shall be reflective of any religion other than Judaism. No monument or marker may be placed until a drawing or blueprint is approved by the President of the Board of Trustee of the Congregation for accuracy and suitability. Any such placements done without approval and deemed inappropriate for a Jewish cemetery shall be removed at the expense of the deceased’s estate.


Fee Schedule:


Members: Plot including perpetual care: $2,600 + GST


Immediate Relative of Temple Member: $3,600 + GST


Non-Member: $4,600 + GST


Funeral Shroud $100


Fee for Officiate at Funeral or Memorial Service:


Member (no fee) Non-Member: Rabbi: $500


Cantor: $350 + GST


Use of Temple Facilities for Funeral and Memorial Services:


Sanctuary: Member (no fee) Non-Member: $300


Social Hall: Member: $150


Non-Member: $300


Sanctuary & Social Hall:


Non-Member $500


Administrative Fee:


Non-Member $ 50 (minimum)


Please note: rental does not include catering


We are happy to answer any further questions you may have! We will be visiting Chapel Lawn once the snow melts and everything is dry.