Good & Welfare…

ATTENTION: The Chesed [Loving-kindness] Committee is looking for volunteers to help with varied and numerous acts of loving-kindness when members of our congregation need some extra support. People can help by baking or cooking, making phone calls, dropping off meals, driving to medical appointments or the hospital, child-sitting, being a pall-bearer, saying prayers at the preparation of a body before the funeral or sitting with a body before the funeral, house-sitting during a funeral or cleaning house before the funeral or shiva minyan, being one of a minyan, etc. Perhaps you know what would have helped you during a time of crisis and will add to our list.

Please let us know.

-Training and support for our volunteers will be provided! If you want to add Hesed to your life this year [5769], give a call or email Judith Huebner or Teresa at the Temple.

-Rabbi Karen Soria

Social Action… –> under “Tikun Olam/Social Action” on the menu

For more information about Social Action opportunities please contact Brad Tyler-West, Chair of the Temple Shalom Social Action Committee, at with your ideas for Social Action projects and if you would like to volunteer your time and join the Social Action Committee .

Volunteering in Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Volunteer Centre keeps a list of volunteer positions needed in Winnipeg for the Jewish Community and other organizations. Please consider spending time this year helping out your community. Please call the Volunteer Centre at 477-5180, or go to the following website which has the list of volunteer opportunities for adults and youth.

Weekly Donations of food to Jewish Child & Family

Non-Perishable food is needed every week for people in need. Please bring an item with you to every event you attend at Temple Shalom and place it in the bin to the left of the stairs going up to the Sanctuary. The top ten most needed food items: canned meat or fish, cereal, macaroni and cheese, dry pasta, canned vegetables, canned soups, canned fruit, canned stew, peanut butter, and spaghetti sauce. .

Jewish Child and Family Service Foster Homes

It’s Hard to grow up Jewish without a Jewish home! Jewish kids need Jewish foster homes. Please consider calling JCFS at 477-7430 or email:

Supports for Jewish Adicts

CLOSED 12-STEP MEETINGS (Recovering Addicts Only)

Asper Jewish Community Campus: 123 Doncaster St 

For More Info contact JCFS @ 477-7430

Special Services and Events…

In Temple Shalom’s tradition, all members are invited to our B’nai Mitzvot
Please do not wait for a personal invitation!

The family of the B’nai Mitzvah would be delighted to have you attend.

Religious School

Please go to Torah/Education and Religious School on the menu.

Got Air Miles?

Do you have more Air Miles or Aeroplan than you know what to do with?

On our ‘Wish List’ is a digital camera!

Please consider donating your flight miles!


Advertisements Welcome!

If you would like to advertise in the Bulletin

Please call Teresa at 453-1625