Torah Invite for Non-Members

The Gift of Torah

The most precious gift God gave the Jewish people is the Torah. For more than 3000 years, Jewish people have preserved the Torah and the Torah has preserved us. We have turned to the Torah over and over, studying the stories of our history. For over 3000 years, Torah has guided the Jewish people, affirming life and making us a light unto the nations.

So central is Torah to our lives, the final commandment is about transmitting Torah. In Deuteronomy, chapter 31, verse 19, we read, “Write for yourself this song and teach it to all the children of Israel; put it in their mouths, that this song may be a witness for me….” Our sages have interpreted this text to mean that every Jew is obligated to write a Torah and to teach it to the next generation.

At Temple Shalom, we have the unique opportunity and privilege to fulfill this commandment. Irma Penn, soferet STaM, has scribed a Torah which will be dedicated on Sunday, May 27th at 11:00 a.m. as part of our observance of Shavuot. Prior to this, members of the community can fulfill the mitzvah to help complete the Torah by writing a letter on the last page and making a donation. As it is said, “To write a letter of Torah is as if you had written the whole Torah.”

The Penn Torah project

This project honours the dream of our soferet, Irma Penn, to write the Torah for our Temple and fulfill the 613th commandment.  Irma has written the Torah by following the centuries’ old tradition of scribing it on parchment by hand, using traditional materials. The scribe must follow rigorous standards and the text can contain no errors. It took a year & a half to write the 304,805 letters.

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation scribed by Irma Penn and will have their name and sponsorship acknowledged on our beautifully designed permanent record, to be displayed at Temple Shalom.

Becoming part of this amazing experience

Torah is our bridge to the past and our legacy to the future. We invite all of the Jewish community to participate in this extraordinary event. On the following page you can choose your own sponsorship category. Your contribution will help our community sustain and transmit Torah, keeping it alive and meaningful for the future.


Fulfill the 613th commandment and be part of this unique experience!



Donation for writing a letter on the last page of the Penn Torah:                $      180


Sponsorship Categories:


Sponsorship of the Penn Torah:             $ 18 000


One of the Five Books of Torah:                  $ 5 400


Parasha **                       $   1 800                               Torah Belt                                     $     90      


Biblical Story                   $   1 800                               Yad                                       $    360


Paragraph                        $     900                                Torah Cover                                $    360


Verse                                   $     360                                Yom Tov Torah Mantle           $    900


Word                                   $       72                                  Torah Mantle                             $     720    


Letter                                  $       36                                 Breast Plate                                 $    900


God’s Written ‘Name’* $     540                    Crowns                                           $   3600


   *    [Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey]                                                    **    [Weekly Torah Portion]


TORAH FUND –Sponsorship agreement

Donor Information

Name [as you want it in the commemorative record]


I/We would like my/our gift to be anonymous  _____

Address _____________________________________________________________


Phone #        _________________                email address ______________________

Sponsorship Information:

I/we wish to sponsor  __________________________________________________


This is in memory of: ______________________________________________

______________________________________________________________This is in honour of: ______________________________________________

This is in celebration of: ___________________________________________

To be acknowledged to:  Name: ____________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

  ************************************************************************************ Method of payment: Cash _____ Cheque # _____ MasterCard/Visa _____

Amount of Sponsorship  _______________


Name on Credit Card: ____________________________________________

Credit Card Number:  ____________________________  Expiry: _________