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Israel trip.  …is now closed.  Thank you to all who will be participating.

Thank you Ruth Livingston for arranging of the Israel trip

Consider volunteering for Folklorama, Israel Pavilion, Shalom Square at the Rady Centre.  


Office hours this month: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – Noon

Emergency Family Crisis:  204470-1435 or 204-470-0846 

Services at Temple Shalom

Fri. July 13  6:15pm – Shabbat Service lay led by Allan Finkel

Fri. July 20 6:15pm – Shabbat Service lay led by Linda Freed

Fri. July 27 6:15pm – Shabbat Service lay led by Myriam Saitman

Fri. Aug. 3  6:15pm – Shabbat Service lay led by Linda Freed & Tyler Pearce

Events held at Temple Shalom

  • Thursdays – Weight WatchersEvening meetings.  Doors open at 5pm.
  • Community Health & Well Being program sponsored by Area Congregations. Programs will continue in the fall.
  • Bridge Classes with Sue Treble are every Thursday, 12:45-3pm. Phone Sue @ 204-669-1458 to register. Classes will continue through to December.

Dues Schedule 2018-2019

2018-2019 Annual Membership Commitment (Membership Includes High Holiday Tickets)

2% increase from last year

                                                                             Monthly     Annual

                                                                                               + $61 RMAC Fee

                                                                                                (formerly MUM Fee)

                                                                                                + $36 Oneg Fee      

Family:                                                           $157                 $1883

2017 1st time Hi Hol. members –yr.2:      $  82                 $  981

Wedding family:                                        $  82                  $  981

Single Member:                                         $  82                $  981

2017 1st time Hi Hol  single member –yr.2:  $  47         $  557

Senior Couple*:                                            $   82          $  981

2017 1st time members – yr.2:                 $   47           $  557

Senior Single Member*:                             $   47          $  557

2017 1st time Hi Hol. Member –yr.2:       $   23           $  277

Adult under 30 -2nd year until 30               $   32         $  345

Couple under 30                                             $   47         $  557

*Senior Couple or Senior Single: A couple or single 65+, on limited income

A $36 per year fee will initially be added on pre-authorized monthly credit card payments in the second month

1st year membership is $199.- for a family and $149.- for a single membership

Building Maintenance Fund Pledge -paid over 5 years or in full for celebration of a bar or bat mitzvah.                                                    

                                                               Monthly   Annual          Total Over 5 Years

Family                                                   $     38        $456               $2280

Wedding Family –in yr.2                    $     38       $456                $2280

Single Member                                   $     19         $228                $1140

Senior Couple*                                  $     19        $228               $1140

Senior Single Member*                   $   10      $120             $ 600 

A note:  The RMAC fee (Reform Movement Affiliation Commitment) is a fee necessary to maintain our membership in the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) & to which all Reform congregations in the US and Canada belong.  In order for us to remain a part of our Union and to continue to receive its benefits and resources, it is critical that we pay these dues ($61).  Even if you cannot afford to pay full dues it is critical that the RMAC fee be paid. (paid in the first month) 

  • No one is turned away because of inability to pay full dues. Special situations are reviewed annually on an individual basis.
  • Please email templeprez@gmail.com if you wish to discuss and/or review an adjustment to your fees or contact the office at tshalom1@gmail.com as soon as possible.

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